Biometric readers

BioLite Net

ARD-FPLN-OC Fingerprint and card reader with keypad

  • Weatherproof and waterproof design
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • LCD
  • Keypad
  • RF card reader
ARD-FPBEPxx-OC - BioEntry Plus with card reader
  • Ethernet interface for TCP/IP communication
  • Optional standalone user management
  • Multi color LED
  • Different authentication modes (fingerprint and/or card)
  • Proximity cards
BioEntry W2 fingerprint reader, OSDP, Multiclass
  • Multi-Class-Reader for 125 kHz and 13,56 MHz
  • Multi-Interface-Reader for Wiegand and secure OSDP (via RS-485)
  • Vandal proof, ideal for harsh outdoor environments
  • Fast and accurate fingerprint recognition, with live finger detection
  • Enrollment of up to 10 fingers per person with BIS/ACE 4.5 (and later versions)